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Safe & Secure Shopping

We at PharmaPost understands the utmost importance of your online privacy and security. We are dedicated to ensure the security of your online shopping experience with us:

  • We Use Secure Connection
    We use GeoTrust SSL Secure Certificate to secure your connection whenever sensitive data is being entered, such as the checkout, login and create account pages.

  • We Do Not Keep Your Credit Card Details
    After you placed a credit card order with us, our website does not (and can not) store your credit card details. If you were to make a credit card purchase via phone or mail, we will securely dispose your payment information immediately after the payment have been successfully processed. If you would like to keep your credit card details for future purchases, we may be able to arrange secure tokenised billing with a trusted payment solution provider. Again, we do not store your credit card details.
  • We Will NEVER Sell or Maliciously Use Your Details
    Your billing and delivery details are only used internally (for activities such as order processing, maintaining your account, reporting etc). If you have created an account with us you will have access to add, edit or remove your billing and/or delivery details (or contact us to do so). If you do not have an account with us (e.g. if you shop with us using guest checkout) you can contact us to remove your details.

    We respect your privacy and will never sell or maliciously use any of your details.

    We may share some of your details (usually email address and name) to a trusted 3rd party when necessary, such as banks, payment solution providers etc.
  • Secure Methodologies
    All online staff member are well aware of online safety standards and we mindfully carry out all online administration tasks. We only work with trusted and capable 3rd party solution providers.

Friendly Reminder

For your online shopping benefits, with us or anywhere else, we wish to remind you:

  • Beware of Impostors
    Any email communication you receive from us will always show the email address ending in, e.g., or etc. It will never end in other email addresses such as, or any other spelling similar to our email address. If via phone we will only call you during our work hours. If you have caller ID it will show you our phone number +64 9 521 0880. If you think someone is falsely using our identity, please contact us.
  • If Unsure, Stop What You're Doing
    Should you be unsure at any point, please stop what you're doing and consult with a trusted IT expert for professional advice or assistance. Do not give away any of your personal details, especially your credit card details. If you suspect you have been defrauded, please contact the police.
  • We Can Not Be Responsible On Any Other Websites
    Please note although we take responsibility on our website at, we can not be responsible for any information about us shown on any other websites (such as discussion forums, review websites etc).

We hope you have a safe and pleasant online shopping experience.